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The World Almanac® and Book of Facts 2019

~ The New Edition Features the #MeToo Movement, 2018 Midterm Election Results, Asylum Seekers at the Border, and More ~

New York, NY (December 4, 2018)What were the most memorable milestones of 2018? How did the #MeToo movement launch a global conversation on sexual misconduct? How did the British royal wedding break with tradition? While 2018 may be coming to a close, its events will live on in The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2019, available December 4. The latest edition of America’s best-selling reference book rounds up the events that made the year 2018 unique and will become your go-to source for the year ahead.

New features include “2018 Election Results,” providing a comprehensive look at the entire 2018 election process, including complete Election Day results for House, Senate, and gubernatorial races; “Statistical Spotlight,” highlighting statistics relevant to the biggest news of the year, including immigration and asylum seekers at the southwestern U.S. border, ongoing efforts to curb the opioid epidemic, and historic natural disaster costs; and “World Almanac Editors' Picks” for the greatest over-40 all-stars in “Senior Moments: Memorable Achievements by Aging Athletes.”

Favorite sections making their return include "Year in Sports," "Top 10 News Topics," "The World at a Glance," "Time Capsule," and "Offbeat News Stories."

“For more than 150 years, The World Almanac and Book of Facts has been the authoritative source for all entertainment, reference, and instructional needs,” said Sarah Janssen, senior editor of The World Almanac. “As the world changes and news cycles transform in the blink of an eye, this compendium of information maintains a tangible record for repeated use in 2019 and in years to come.”

Highlights from The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2019 include:

  • 2018 Election Results: The World Almanac provides a comprehensive look at the entire 2018 election process, including complete Election Day results for House, Senate, and gubernatorial races.

  • World Almanac Editors’ Picks: Senior Moments: With stars like Tom Brady and Serena Williams approaching middle age while still at the top of their game, The World Almanac editors look at the sports world’s most memorable achievements by aging athletes.

  • The World at a Glance: This annual feature of The World Almanac provides a quick look at the surprising stats and curious facts that define the changing world and includes a sneak peek at upcoming milestone celebrity birthdays in 2019.

  • Statistical Spotlight: This popular graphic feature highlights statistics relevant to the biggest news of the year. The data visualizations provide important context and new perspectives to give readers a fresh angle on hot-button issues. This year’s statistics will spotlight immigration, refugees, and asylum claims; the rising number and historic cost of natural disasters; and the nationwide opioid epidemic.

  • The Year in Review: The World Almanac takes a look back at 2018 while providing all the information you'll need in 2019.

    • 2018—Top 10 News Topics: The editors of The World Almanac list the top stories that held the world’s attention in 2018, covering the U.S. Supreme Court nomination process, historic negotiations with North Korea, a year of #MeToo developments, and much more.

    • 2018—Year in Sports: Hundreds of pages of sports trivia and statistics that are essential for any fan, featuring complete coverage of the Winter Olympic Games in South Korea, World Cup men’s soccer, the World Series, and improved MLB player stats.

    • 2018—Year in Pictures: Striking full-color images from around the world covering news, entertainment, science, and sports.

    • 2018—Offbeat News Stories: The World Almanac editors select some of the most unusual news stories of the year, from the parade commemorating a team’s winless NFL season to the “bananas” lawsuit over a Halloween costume.

    • World Almanac Editors’ Picks: Time Capsule: The World Almanac lists the items that most came to symbolize the year 2018 in news, sports, and pop culture.

  • Other New Highlights: Brand-new statistics on crime rates for all major U.S. cities, U.S. trade and immigration policies, 2018 tax cuts, DACA recipients, mobile app and tech usage, student loan debt, income inequality, and much more.

The World Almanac® and Book of Facts 2019 is available for purchase at and wherever books are sold. For the eBook version, please check your online retailer.

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