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Sarah Janssen
Sarah Janssen, Editor
(photo / bio)
KWTX News 10 at Noon, Waco, TX Interview 12/4/08 - 13.40 MB WMV

Sarah Janssen is an editor of The World Almanac and Book of Facts and other diverse titles, focusing primarily on arts and media, consumer information, geography, history, and sports. She currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.


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Praise for the World Almanac

“An institution … The range of records and data the book collects is staggering.”

- Dallas Morning News

The World Almanac is the most useful reference book known to modern man.”

- Los Angeles Times

“For the most information in one source, The World Almanac remains the champion.”

- American Library Association

“My #1 reference work for facts.”

- Will Shortz, The New York Times Crossword Editor

The World Almanac has become an American institution. In schools, libraries, and homes, it is an indispensable reference work.”

- Lyndon B. Johnson (1967)

The World Almanac is a superb source book of facts with broad-based information at your fingertips. I use it often.”

- Gerald Ford

“As a private citizen, Governor and President, I have depended on The World Almanac for precise and accurate information — and for entertainment.”

- Jimmy Carter

“A literary institution.”

- Bill Bradley

“The amount of valuable information crowded into The World Almanac is little short of marvelous, and it will repay its costs many times over during the year.”

- William Jennings Bryan (1908)

“I use it at least once every day.”

- David Brinkley (1986)

“An indispensable volume for any newsperson’s desk.”

- Walter Cronkite

“I consider The World Almanac one of the most valuable books in my collection...there is nothing I’ve ever looked for in it that I haven’t been able to find.”

- Placido Domingo (1986)

“I refer to The World Almanac constantly and would be lost without it.”

- James Mitchner

The World Almanac is the King of the Jungle.”

- Andy Rooney

“I have kept The World Almanac within easy reach ever since my father bought me my first copy more than half a century ago.”

- Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. (1986)

“For the most information in one source, The World Almanac remains the champion.”

- American Library Association

“The most versatile single volume, and probably the biggest bargain on the shelf.”

- Esquire

“The monarch of the genre...Packed with just about every fact and figure you might conceivably want to know.”

- Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

The World Almanac has always been an unfailing source”

- Atlantic Constitution

“No home should be without one of these handy reference sources.”

- Boston Herald

“If there is a bargain in the bookstore, this compendium of more than one million facts is it.”

- Chattanooga Times

“An institution ... The range of records and data the book collects is staggering.”

- Dallas Morning News

“A wealth of facts and figures in one inexpensive, easy-to-use source.”

- Houston Chronicle

“A must for any home or office.”

- King Features Syndicate

“It’s mind-boggling the amount of stuff you can find in this book. And it’s the kind of thing one needs every year, too, because the world keeps changing.”

- Knoxville New Sentinel

“It’s the best in the business.”

- Manchester Union Leader

“As fascinating as it is informative.”

- Memphis Commercial Appeal

“Men of every shade of conviction will be satisfied of its fairness and accuracy...It is one of those useful publications that no politician can afford to be without.”

- The New York Times (1876)

“To say that it is indispensable is perhaps the highest praise we can accord to the almanac.”

- The New York Times (1903)

“Its contents have always been what an almanac’s contents should be — accurate, concise, inclusive.”

- The New York Times (1906)

“There has never been anything, and probably never will be anything, quite like The World Almanac...The Almanac is as much an event as New Year’s Day. May it round out its second half century and still go strong!”

- The New York Times (1938)

“Provides brief, accurate information on an endless array of subjects.”

- The New York Times

“Every household needs a copy.”

- Richmond Times

“Useful to any human being on the planet...The World Almanac still reigns as the world's most powerful reference.”

- Seattle Times

“...desk reference superstar...”

- St. Louis Post Dispatch

“Here it is, the just-updated compendium of facts and figures, maps and charts that has become a valuable resource for schools, homes and offices since its inception in 1868.”

- Washington Post

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