2013 Edition In the Media

TV Interviews

The TODAY Show, 10.17.2012
Fox News EDGE, 12.3.2012
The Street (TheStreet.com)/Joe Deaux, New York, NY, 12.13.2012
CBS New York/Live From the Couch, 12.28.2012
CBS New York, 12.29.2012
WNBC-TV/Weekend Today in New York, 12.30.2012

Radio Interviews

KMLA-AM/WSJ Radio: Los Angeles, CA, 12.3.2012
WCHE-AM/WCHE Morning Magazine: West Chester, PA, 12.4.2012
WBIG-AM/The Big Wake-Up Call: Aurora, IL, 12.4.2012
KRLD 1080/CBS Radio Dallas: Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, 12.4.2012
WDUN-AM/Afternoon News with Katie B. Davis: Gainsville, GA, 12.4.2012
WBAP-AM: Dallas, TX, 12.5.2012
WFAW-AM/Morning Magazine: Fort Atkinson, WI, 12.5.2012
WBKV-AM 1470/Morning Show with Bob Bonenfant: Milwaukee, WI, 12.5.2012
WTSN-AM 1270/Open Mic: Boston, MA, 12.5.2012
WDWD-AM 590/Radio Disney Atlanta: Atlanta, GA, 12.5.2012
WCPZ-FM/Mix 102.7: Sandusky, OH, 12.6.2012
XM Satellite Radio/Peter Greenberg Worldwide: 12.6.2012
KGO-AM/The Karel Show: San Francisco, CA, 12.6.2012
WGVU/Morning Show: Grand Rapids, MI, 12.7.2012
WIAD-FM/The Tommy Show: Washington, DC, 12.7.2012
WURD-AM/The Mid-Morning MOJO: Philadelphia, PA, 12.7.2012
WFLA 970/A.M. Tampa Bay: Tampa, FL, 12.10.2012
WCUB-AM/The Breakfast Club: Two Rivers, WI, 12.10.2012
Radio or Not.com/The Nicole Sandler Show: 12.10.2012
WFIN-AM 1330/Good Mornings: Findlay, OH, 12.10.2012
GCN Radio Network/The Dr. Katherine Albrecht Show: Austin, TX, 12.10.2012
WMJI 105.7-FM: Independence, OH, 12.11.2012
WNLA 1420/Good Morning Hudson Valley: Beacon, NY, 12.11.2012
The Bobby D Show with Bobby D: 12.11.2012
KWMR Radio/R. Gallyot’s Airwaves: West Marin, CA, 12.11.2012
The FAN AM 1060/Calling All Sports: Phoenix, AZ, 12.11.2012
WTBQ/Morning Show with Frank: Warwick, NY, 12.12.2012
WSPQ-AM Radio/9 A.M. Open Mic: Springville, NY, 12.12.2012
WHBC-AM NewsTalk 1480/The Sam Bourquin Show: Canton, OH, 12.12.2012
WWNC-AM/Speaking of Golf: Greenville, SC/Asheville, NC, 12.14.2012
Live! Starring You!/Tim O’Shei, 12.14.2012
KFXR-AM CNN Radio 1190/The Wall Street Shuffle: Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, 12.14.2012
Good Time Boys Radio Show: Fort Dodge, IA, 12.17.2012
WKNY: Kingston, NY, 12.17.2012
KVAY 105.7 FM/Your Valley Country: Denver, CO, 12.17.2012
WFUN ESPN 970/The Sports Report: Cleveland, OH, 12.18.2012
WTIC 1080/Sports Talk: Hartford, CT, 12.19.2012
KUIK-AM 1360: Hillsboro, OR, 12.21.2012
Yahoo Sports Radio 1560 AM: Houston, TX, 12.21.2012
KOWB 1290/Sportsline Live: Laramie, WY, 12.21.2012
KMSU 89.7 FM/Minnesota Mornings: Mankato, MN, 12.28.2012
KEX 1190/Morning Update with Paul Linnman: Portland, OR, 12.28.2012
KLPW/The Diane Jones Morning Show: Metro St. Louis, MO, 1.2.2013
KWOX-FM 101.1: Woodward, OK, 1.2.2013
WELW: Cleveland, OH, 1.3.2013
Live Fit, Live Well, Live It Up! Podcast/Phoebe Chongchua, 1.4.2013
KXTG 750 the Game/Flight 750: Portland, OR, 1.7.2013
KDVS-FM/Andy’s Poetry and Technology Hour: Davis, CA, 1.9.2013

2012 Edition In the Media

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