2010 Edition In the Media

TV Interviews

NBC 10/The 10! Show, Philadelphia, PA 12/23/09

Radio Interviews

WICN/The Public Eye, Worcester, MA: 1.26.09 - 10.9 MB MP3
WDRC, Brad Davis Program, Bloomfield, CT: 11.24.09
WHBC/The Morning Show With Fred and Pam, Canton, OH: 11.25.09
WGIR/Morning News, Manchester, NH: 11.26.09
WFAW/Morning Magazine, Ft. Atkinson, WI: 11.25.09
KOA-AM/The Mike Rosen Show, Denver, CO: 11.25.09
KGYM ESPN Radio/The Gym Class, Cedar Rapids, IA: 11.30.09
WVNJ/The Sam Greenfield Show, Oakland, NJ: 12.1.09
WTSN Sports News/ Open Mic, Dover, NH: 12.1.09
WCUB/ The Breakfast Club, Manitowoc, WI: 12.3.09
WPKZ/Morning Show, Fitchburg, MA: 12.8.09
Sirius XM Book Radio/Cover to Cover Live: 12.8.09
Sirius XM/Broadminded with Christine & Molly: 12.9.09
WTKK-FM/Mornings with Jim & Margery, Boston, MA: 12.10.09
Syndicated/Culture Shocks with Barry Lynn: 12.10.09
WOND/The Sports Goombas, Atlantic City, NJ: 12.11.09
WKNY/WKNY Morning Show, Kingston, NY: 12.11.09
WSMN/ Morning Liftoff, Nashua, NH: 12.14.09
WBZ News Radio/The WBZ Morning News, Boston, MA : 12.16.09
WFIN-AM/Good Mornings, Findlay, OH: 12.17.09
WMJI/Lanigan and Malone Morning Show, Independence, OH: 12.21.09
WPKZ/Morning Show, Fitchburg, MA: 12.22.09
WDUN/The Bill and Joel Morning Show, Gainsville, GA: 12.22.09
KLTF/SRN News, Little Falls, MN: 12.22.09
KRKO-FM/3 to 6 with the Fish, Everett, WA: 12.22.09
CNN Radio – KFXR/The Wall Street Shuffle, Dallas, TX: 12.23.09
Syndicated/The Paul Lisnek Show: 1.3.10
WNPQ/The Morning Show with Jim Berni, Canton, OH: 1.5.10
IRN/USA Radio Network/Steve Crowley's American Scene, Port St Luce, FL: 1.7.10
WTIC/Mornings with Ray Dunaway, Farmington, CT: 1.11.10
WSBA/York Morning News, York, PA: 1.11.10
KAST/Warrenton, OR: 1.13.10
WORD/Afternoons with John and Kathy, Pittsburgh, PA: 1.13.10
WBEE/Multiple Shows, Rochester, NY: 1.14.10
KLBM/Morning Show, LeGrande, OR: 1.15.10
KDAZ/Morning Show, Albuquerque, NM: 1.19.10
WGY/WGY Morning News, Latham, NY: 1.21.10
WRVC/Huntington, WV: 1.22.10
*/Sunday Morning Easy/Decatur, IL: 1.24.10
WJCW/Thinking Out Loud, Kingsport, TN: 1.25.10
WICN/The Public Eye, Worchester, MA: 1.26.10
KFOR/Morning Show, Lincoln, NE: 1.26.10
WBEE/Multiple Shows, Rochester, NY: 1.27.10
Syndicated/A Touch of Grey, Springfield, MA: 2.2.10
WVLY/Morning Show, Wheeling, WV: 2.3.10

2009 Edition In the Media

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